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Well, I’ve just come back to my admittedly somewhat neglected site after a prolonged period of neglect, to find everything gone. I’m not sure what’s happened here, but I will look into it and hopefully get the problem resolved. I don’t really know what to say other than watch this space!

OK an update, it’s all still here, just the template was causing a problem, so I’ve put it back to this basic one for now and will find something better soon.

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The Jubilee Weekend

Living in a relatively small village, the build up to the jubilee weekend seemed very child focused, but I’m glad to say that when it came around I was proven wrong. There were a number of community events happening, in this and the surrounding villages and a big do at the village hall which is shared by all of them.

The weekend started off on the Saturday (well, I should say the events, not the weekend as such)a pub had an alternative event with reggae bands playing in a marquee outside and a Caribbean barbecue, me and the wife tried different things and both were really good. We saw two bands playing, but then at around 6-7pm the clouds rolled in and the rain started, so the whole thing moved inside. Because of the number of people who were there the pub was packed, so unfortunately there simply wasn’t the space for the last couple of bands to set everything up, so they had a sound system instead which had everybody jumping around, we left at midnight and the music was still playing.

Sunday was a fete type of event on the village green, a bit more sedate than the day before, but that suited me fine due to feeling a little fragile from the copious amounts of beer I had drunk the day before. This was a propper community event with a tea tent, the local pub running a bar and games for the kids. It did rain a bit on and off through the day, but luckily not for long so we all ducked inside the tents when it did. Then a lot of people migrated up to the pub at about 6pm when it all finished up in the field.

Monday was just an evening event with a live band and food in the village hall, loads of people there and lots of people dancing too which was good to see. It was a real mix of people too, from families with small kids who obviously had to leave a bit earlier to get them off to bed, right through to the oldies, who, now I come to think about it, also left early to go to bed lol! There were quite a few faces there which I recognised but had never spoken to, so it was good to meet a few new people.

There was another party in a village down the road on Tuesday, but to be honest I had overdone it a bit over the three previous days, so decided to give it a miss, again there was music, food and kids games and I was told that it was good too, but I really couldn’t face it myself.

I watched a bit of the concert which had been put on too, loads of famous pop stars and very well organised, I can imagine that the sound quality would have been really good if you were actually there too although I expect a little quiet.

So, it was good to see that the jubilee not only gave us a nice long four day weekend, but also did bring the communities together. I for one met a few new people because of it and saw a couple of new bands to boot. I suppose she’s not a bad old stick really.

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Solicitors and Leaflets About the Law

The helpline has a translation service if you would like advice in a language other than English or Welsh.

Our eight information leaflets give practical information on civil and criminal legal aid. They explain:

how and when you can get legal aid
LSC policy and procedure on various issues.

You can view or download the leaflets from Documents. The table explains what you’ll find in each.

Leaflet      Description
A Step-by-Step Guide to Legal Aid, Help with paying for civil cases (LSCG2)

This leaflet explains how the LSC funds civil legal services. It replaces The ‘Practical Guide to Community Legal Service Funding by the Legal Services Commission’ leaflet
A Practical Guide to Criminal Defence Services (LSCIL2E)     This leaflet explains how the Criminal Defence Service works.
Criminal Defence Services at the Police Station and in Court (LSCIL3E)     What rights people have to legal advice, assistance and representation if they are taken to a police station for questioning or charged with a criminal offence and required to appear in court.
Paying for Your Legal Aid (the Statutory Charge) (LSCIL4E)     Explains when you might have to repay your legal aid and how to do it
Complaints: How to complain to the Legal Services Commission (LSCIL5E)

This leaflet explains how you can complain if you feel something has gone wrong.
Representations (LSCIL6E)     What happens if you think somebody has incorrectly been granted a Community Legal Service Funding certificate
Special Investigations Unit (LSCIL7E)     What measures the LSC may take to ensure that legal aid payments are assessed on accurate financial information
Access to Information (LSCIL9E)     How you can find out what information the LSC holds about you and how to access official information that we keep on record

Leaflets about key areas of the law

Independent experts have written a series of leaflets that provide basic information on key areas of the law. They are about issues that affect people’s everyday lives such as:

dealing with debt
divorce and separation
dealing with the police

The leaflets are written clearly and simply to help readers understand how the law applies and where they can go for further help. They are updated regularly to ensure that the information remains accurate and relevant.

The leaflets are on the Community Legal Advice website. All are available in English and Welsh, Braille and audio. Some are available in a number of other languages.

If you need a Swindon solicitor, Oxford solicitors, Cheltenham solicitors or personal injury solicitors for any type of clinical negligence claim or in fact, any solicitor click here or have a look on-line and just make sure you find one who is a specialist in the type of case you have.

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Community Pub Quiz

There was a fantastic turnout for the last community pub quiz with quite a bit (over £100 I believe) raised for local charities.  Just for fun, here are a few of the questions:

1.    Between the years 1992 and 2010, in which country were most journalists killed? – - – Iraq (source: CPJ ‘Committee to Protect Journalists)
2.    What is the longest month of the year in the UK? – - – October (31 days plus one hour)
3.    Sunday the tenth of October 2010 can be represented in numerical form 10.10.10, a nice binary-sounding number. What decimal number is represented by the binary number 101010? – - – 42: Forty-two
4.    The headquarters of Greenpeace is in which European city? – - -  Amsterdam
5.    What is a perfect diamond of 100 carats or more called? – - – A paragon
6.    The Janka hardness test is used for which substance?  – - – Wood
7.    What traditionally symbolises a couple’s sixth wedding anniversary? – - – Sugar
8.    A typical choir is made up of which 4 voices? – - – Sporano, Alto. Tenor, Bass
9.    Named after chairs found at the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy, what type of handicraft is Bargello? – - – Embroidery
10.    Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters? – - – A
11.    What was an Iron Maiden used for (the device not the rock band) – - – Torture
12.    What do the following words have in common? Month, Victim, Silver?  – - – Nothing Rhymes with them.
13.    The name Intel is an abbreviation of what?  – - -  Integrated Electronics
14.    Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth? – - – Mt Everest (it’s a trick question)
15.    What type of rock is hadrians wall made from? – - – Limestone

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Applying for Community Funding

Many community groups have successfully applied and been granted funding, here’s how to start the process for your group.

To get an application pack please call 0845 600 2040 (textphone 0845 755 6656), or continue reading to find out how to download an application form.

Advice and information

You may find it helpful, when planning your project and making your application, to get some advice. There are a number of places you can go for this.

Your application form needs to be signed by a referee – an independent person who supports your application.

There are also other National Lottery grants programmes that may be suitable for particular groups or activities. Click here to find out more about grants for community groups

Application forms are available from the website in three formats

1. EAF (Electronic Application Form) – for PC users only

The EAF (Electronic Application Form) allows you to complete your application and save your answers on your PC. Full guidance notes on using the EAF system and completing the form are included. When your form is complete, you can save your answers onto a floppy disk and send it along with any supporting documentation. Click the following link to get the EAF. Please note that this format is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers. Download the Electronic Application Form

2. Adobe PDF form – for Apple Mac and PC users

Both Apple Mac and PC users can use this version of the application form. The advantage of using a PDF (Portable Document Format) form is that you can print out the form and write your answers on it, rather than having to order the standard paper application form. Download the PDF application form with guidance notes

3. Request a paper copy of the application pack, or the EAF software on CD-ROM

Awards for All is a national programme operating through nine regional offices in England. Submit applications from all sectors of the community and all parts of the country. Each region has some areas of special emphasis it wishes to focus on. Details are on your regional site.

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Delivery Plan

Our work is about supporting local people to set the priorities for their area and making sure these are being met.

Setting the priorities is about you telling agencies what you think the biggest issues are in the area, whether that’s litter, crime, unemployment or something completely different.

On this website you can find out lots of useful information about all the different ways you can get involved in our work or just how to do your bit to help make a difference to your neighbourhood.

Job vacancies
Crime and Safety
Employment and Business
Community cohesion
Community Development
Young people

New Deal for Communities
The Board
Events diary
Have your say

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